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31 July 2013 @ 11:24 am
Guess what? I'm still alive.  
How lame am I? The last update I made on my journal was December 2012! No wonder I am so outdated with fandom stuff. OTL

To update, I am still a fan of football. More than ever, I guess especially with Shinji Kagawa and Atsuto Uchida. I cannot understand how they can give me feels so strong. I'm still a little surprised how they were able to lure me into the football fandom, follow their matches, buy their team's merchandise and even considered going abroad to watch them play live. And of course I haven't realized before how adorable football players can be, or maybe it applies more to Japanese players? lol

I'm going to rest my case right there. For crying out loud, Shinji was just trying to play football but he still ends up being adorable. Whyyyyy.  But in Atsuto's case, I'm a little fail. I haven't seen his recent guesting in Arashi ni Shiyagare, haven't watched his Vogue Japan photoshoot video, haven't been reblogging tons of his pics/gifs in tumblr. I'm going to get to all of those soon, I swear I will. Please be patient with me Atsuto. m(_ _)m

On the other hand, I don't know anything about my favorite JE groups. I know that NEWS is doing a concert tour, JUMP had a single I think? And Kisumai still releases a lot of stuff. lol I completely negleted JE. I am sad about it too, I just can't handle all of the fandoms right now. I've never been as busy as I currently am at work and football is just the most convenient fandom for me. It doesn't require me to be online so much and I get updated just by watching cable tv. Maybe I'll return to my fandoms soon but as of now my head is just wrapped around work, family, friends and football.

And heck yeah for uhm... Atsuto *____*
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Kkanu_x on August 4th, 2013 08:14 pm (UTC)
*thumbs up*

Edited at 2013-08-04 10:58 pm (UTC)
micellemarkes: ebisumicellemarkes on August 8th, 2013 02:57 am (UTC)
hey thanks! i actually 'browsed' your journal. lol you're an Arashi fan right? and a football fan too! *claps*

thanks for dropping by although I abandoned my LJ for months. hehe
Kkanu_x on August 8th, 2013 07:47 am (UTC)
lol. I wonder if you saw my original comment before I edited it? It went like, I had randomly put Uchida's name into LJ search to see what would come up (bored, you see) and your page had a recent post on him (and SHINJI!<3) And I said I was so happy to find a J&A fan and football fan like me. But then I got embarrassed being a total stranger and all. Plus I agree with your entire post.

Even though you've abandoned your LJ, I'm glad you came in time to see my comment :D woohoo, football!
micellemarkes: hikarumicellemarkes on August 15th, 2013 05:52 am (UTC)
Oh I didn't know you could do that. haha Hey its okay, its actually nice to find someone who is a fan of Johnny's and football. Its pretty rare right? I think I only know two people who are like that, those who actually watch football matches. But yes, I am excited to find someone like me so its very nice to meet you! :)

I'm embarrassed because I haven't seen Ucchi's recent guesting in Arashi ni Shiyagare. /hides
And Daihyo lost yesterday. Bummer :|
Kkanu_x on August 15th, 2013 12:11 pm (UTC)
I haven't downloaded that episode yet, but I saw it online. If you don't care to download and probably want to skim through the raw, here: http://www(dot)dailymotion(dot)com/video/k6wHKbDIu2jALe4kAus

Japan vs Uruguay: I know it was only a friendly, but still I considered it an important match for the national team to sort of gauge the level they are currently at. I was sad they lost, but usually I'd be gloomy all day, yet this was the first time they lost and I actually watched the full game and came out proud because they were solid offensively. So I was glad for Kagawa (did you see him take off his shirt and trade it with an Uruguayan player at the end? XD). But I cry for Ucchi because of Japan's defensive problem and the criticism towards Japan's weak defense.

micellemarkesmicellemarkes on August 19th, 2013 02:41 am (UTC)
Thanks for the link. :) I want to download that episode but I'll wait until it gets subbed.

Good for you because you watched the whole game! Unfortunately I only got updated thru twitter, I was still on my way home from work so yeah. Honda and Kagawa's team up still amazes me. Imagine if you get to watch it live *__* Oh I only saw pictures of that! XD I heard it was from another Premier League player so I guess that's why they exchanged shirts.

Is their defense really weak? I remember their Confederations Cup match against Italy where their defense was also one of the problems. They could have easily won that game. It was so heartbreaking, Ucchi even scored an own goal. :(
Kkanu_x on August 20th, 2013 12:03 am (UTC)
Yea, I'm wishing real hard the episode gets subbed. Arashi comm is good at subbing, more than other J&A fandom comms, but they often skip episodes. I really hope someone does that ep soon.

My current mood now revolves around soccer so I become sullen if I miss games, lol. Sometimes I deliberately choose to miss parts of a few games, but if not intentional then I can't function all day. That's the very bad case of soccer fever I have right now. I guess I'm lucky right now, but when the new school year starts I'll be more miserable because of my condition.

I would so LOVE to see Japan play live (with Kagawa, Honda, Uchida, and Nagatomo in the starting lineup). It seems more plausible and affordable than attending a J&A concert anyway. Plus, it might not even be a home game so I don't necessarily have to go to Japan just to see them.

Y'know, I see Uchida exchange jersey sometimes and I began to wonder how the deal is made, whether before the game, during, or after. Or how they even communicate (the international part of soccer is very cool). Randomly curious about that. :p I'm also really envious when I see Uchida fling his jersey to a supporter in the stands. I want to be that person, lol. So for the Uruguay game, Uchida's number jersey was switched to 2 and I was happy he got his favorite number 2, but during the game I started to wish the number wasn't permanent (idk if it is). I've become so used to looking for the 6 on the field that the 2 was so hard to distinguish and look for. Although my stream was the most decent quality I've had so far, I mistook him for someone else a few times, lol.

Yea, the defense is really really weak. Do you lurk on BigSoccer.com? I do and the opinions of the people there are very enlightening. They ripped the defense apart. Hm, yea, I think Japan's biggest problem right now is defense, not necessarily just the back four but the defending midfield, too. During the Uruguay game, when the Uruguayan players were on the run it seemed like the defense were so effing slow.

Ucchi's own goal during the CC broke my heart. :( That's how bad I felt for him. Not only him, but the other defenders too: imagine being THE REASON your team is behind. Yoshida must have felt like shit during the Urugayan game (and during that CC game, too).
micellemarkesmicellemarkes on August 29th, 2013 07:11 am (UTC)
Yeah me too. I found a site where they keep a masterlist of the ANS episodes and those that are subbed. Maybe someone will? Shinji's guesting last year was subbed, and so was Ucchi and Eiji's.

Oh its kind of similar with me. I've been really waiting for the football season to start again because I felt really sad when I don't get to hear any news about the teams and the players. But I think yours might be a little worse? hehe

Totally agree. More possible and definitely more affordable. I have been waiting for a chance like that, our local team vs Daihyo or Schalke or ManUtd if we get lucky.

I think about that too. I read somewhere that players are not allowed to exchange jerseys during halftime, like they need to finish the match before they can exchange. But I saw a match before where Honda exchanged jerseys with someone from Brazil I think? and that was during the half-time so I'm confused :| Hey I've been wondering about that too. Is Ucchi's #2 jersey permanent? My japanese is bad so I can only assume from the bits I can understand and was able to translate. But I want him to still keep the 6.

Oh not yet. I'd probably start reading comments there now. But I do try to read articles about matches because as you've said, the comments are where I learn a lot too. Wow. Maybe the tiring responsibility of their international duty is getting to them. I mean, they are coming from long flights and expected to play a day or two after.

Exactly. There's this picture where you can see Ucchi's frustration on getting the ball in. He just lay there, and Kayashima started shouting, and Yoshida just stood by the goal post. Captain Hasebe and Konno were also shocked. It must have been really awful. I hope it gets better. I think they have matches again this coming September right?

Just curious, do you follow Daihyo/soccer accounts on twitter? I don't know if you've seen it but some Dortmund fans started a #FreeShinji campaign. And then I saw another tweet where it said: #FreeHasebe
I don't know much about Wolfsburg but I guess Hasebe isn't also used that much in matches? Since that's the issue the BVB fans have with Shinji.

Kkanu_x on August 30th, 2013 03:07 am (UTC)
I think we'll just have to wait and see about Ucchi's number during the next NT game, if he plays.

I don't know if they have friendlies in September. I just know they have a couple before next year, as mentioned somewhere on bigsoccer. I hope they play soon though, although NT duty does mess with their clubs, because as much as I like to watch them in Schalke and Man Utd I also love watching Ucchi and Kagawa play for the national team.

I don't follow them on twitter, only on facebook (which tbh isn't quite an effective place to get news). I actually learned the #freeShinji campaign from articles. I think what Dortmund fans did was a desperate attempt because it was never going to happen, but I'm happy they still cared. Hasebe isn't getting a lot of playing time, too, from what I know. Since it's just before WC that's bad.

So do you also watch Schalke and Man Utd then? What other teams do you watch? I only watch the games of those two plus Daihyo. I feel the same frustration as fans do about Kagawa's lack of playing time. I tune into every Man Utd game and am always disappointed to not see Kagawa on the pitch. Of course, I loved watching RVP do his thing, but I need at least a small cameo from Shinji to feel happy.

Edit: From Facebook
Japan squad for September friendlies named
The Japan squad to play Guatemala on September 6 and Ghana on September 10 in Kirin Challenge Cup friendly series was named on Thursday in Tokyo.

Ucchi and Kagaawa is in the squad! (although doesn't mean they'll play :P)

Of course you probably knew this beforehand from twitter.

Edited at 2013-08-30 03:42 am (UTC)
micellemarkesmicellemarkes on September 6th, 2013 02:37 am (UTC)
I saw the squad list for the upcoming friendly and Ucchi's number is still #2. Guess it's permanent then?

Its true, I love seeing them play more for NT. You can tell its very different when they play for Japan. And of course everyone we like is there as well.

I see. I stalk more on twitter and sometimes check facebook. But yeah, Dortmund fans still care for Shinji, its very touching to know. I've read on bigsoccer (YAY! finally checking out the forums there, thanks to you ^_^) that it even reached other countries. That's a big thing and of course even bigger issue in Japan. Hasebe transferred to Nurnburg already, teammates with Kiyotake. Happy for him.

Yes, although I watch ManUtd matches more since Bundesliga games hardly every gets match telecast in my country. And when we do, its a few days delayed. When my internet is being good to me I try to stream just to see Ucchi play in Schalke.Recently some games from the Russian league were being aired so I got to see Honda play in CSKA. His blonde hair stands out everywhere. lol That's true, it even gets more frustrating since he's my fave player but doesn't even make the bench. I'm also waiting for the time when Shinji and RVP finally create amazing plays but yeah, that might take long. :|

Haha But let's hope they will play :) Let's wish them good luck for the match.