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03 September 2014 @ 01:25 pm
error 403: making office life more fun  
wow, LJ sure changed a lot since the last time I was here (like a year ago? orz). i hardly know how to navigate on these things anymore. even my saved icons are like circa 2012. jeez they are not updated to fit my current fandom. maybe i should change some of them, i have loads anyway. just not posted here.

so, updates! (because i'm bored and i hardly have tasks to do here in the office. lots of stuff happening resulting to me not doing anything. i'm a recruiter btw.)

  • current fandom: anime and manga. i started getting into anime again because i watched shingeki no kyojin in 2013. after that i just watched one anime after another: sword art online, log horizon, ao no exorcist, fairy tail, maid-sama!... and when 2014 came, i finally decided to try my hands on reading manga. i've never read any manga before simply because i am lazy and i enjoy watching moving things more. i still do, but then i discovered the satisfying feeling i get when a manga i've read first will be turned into anime. its so nice :D and now i've even ventured on another level of shipping. damn bl stories, i'm definitely worse than i was when my shipping only focused on idols. ugh

  • related fandom: seiyuu. since i've been addicted to animes, i guess its only natural that i've gotten into the seiyuu fandom as well. it makes me enjoy watching the animes more now that i've started to associate the voice with a face. anime gags have become more funny, ouji-sama like lines become more kyaa-worthy, and just over-all its making my anime experience much more fun. :3 it doesn't hurt that these seiyuus are a feast for the eyes and ears as well. listen to a dramacd or anything that used dummy head mic and you'll definitely be hooked. ♥

  • football fandom: it kinda mellowed a little because of combined reasons. first, shinji was hardly used at manchester united both under David Moyes and the current manager Louis Van Gaal. it saddened me greatly but its not like i actually expected shinji to be a regular starter. but i have hoped for the best, especially since shinji was showing good performances during the pre-season where he provided a bunch of assissts. obviously it was not enough for Van Gaal so now shinji is back where he is actually appreciated and utilized well -- to Borussia Dortmund. welcome home shinji! show mufc what they've missed in letting you go like that. ;)

  • other stuff: work, as mentioned, is really slow nowadays. i only wait for tasks to be given to me because we don't have any position to recruit people for. our company is having a financial crisis so we're trying to solve that so in the mean time, i stare at my screen and reflect on the things happening to the world.

Just to list the current anime's i'm watching atm: basically most of the summer animes. OTL

  • haikyuu!!

  • fairy tail 2014

  • gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun

  • barakamon

  • zankyou no terror

  • love stage!!

  • aldnoah zero

  • shounen hollywood -holly for 49-

  • dramatical murder

  • tokyo ghoul

  • sword art online 2

  • psycho-pass

  • deadman wonderland

but with eveything happening in the anime/manga world, i'm getting held up on most of these titles (except for psycho-pass and dw). drama even in the anime worlds. tsk
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