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19 July 2012 @ 06:55 am
NEWS congratulations on the single and all the activities. And just, thank you ♥  

ABC-Z yay for finally getting a jweb with a proper header and title. congrats also for making it to the top of Oricon charts for your DVD ^^

JUMP I'm happy for your Taiwan tour even if it breaks my heart that I can't watch you guys when you are already so near ;______;


God I'm so lame, I still haven't finished watching Ataru. I even started downloading the episodes again from the first one after deciding that I'll get the hardsubbed versions instead. Well at least I'm already on episode 3 at the moment.

I still have to download Hikaru's last drama. Too bad that I got spoiled on what's going to happen to Hikaru's character but it may be my own fault too. orz

A lot of dramas right now with JE talents. Some of the shows I know about are Sprout, Ghost Mama, Boys on the Run, Beginners!, GTO. And by the end of this week, Matsumura Hokuto's drama will start to air already. Happy for the boys, not so much for my hard drive. o____o

Anyway, I just wanted to share some icons that are currently on my computer. 

Hey! Say! Jump

48   58   61   63   67
69   70   72   75   76
77   78   79   81   82
86   88   89   92   93


83   84   95   101   99


85   96   97

Uchida Atsuto (Japan National Team Soccer Player/ FC Schalke 04 Defender)

100   102   103   104

Currently I'm making more icons for me to use. There is just an abundance of great photo shoots right now I can't even stick to one icon. LOL But yeah, putting them here because of reasons. XD
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