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14 November 2012 @ 02:37 pm
catch up  
i obviously haven't updated in a while. bummer

just to catch up with anything new in my life:
  • i am now into football/soccer so badly. started because of uchida atsuto who is tegoshi's soccer buddy. member of the japan national team and currently playing for fc shalke 04 in germany. then my addiction spread like wildfire to the other JNT and Schalke members and their current clubs as well (premiere league, bundesliga). i now watch football matches whenever i can, i religiously follow updates and match fixtures on Manchester United. and i recently ordered atsuto's official calendar for 2013. this addiction escalated very quickly.
  • i have ignored the je fandom a lot. shame on me. football is eating me now so yeah, no excuse there.
  • i also got distracted by kpop, especially since i watched Big Bang's concert here in Manila. so worth the wait, even if the waiting lasted for years. they were awesome, seungri is a bias destroyer. XD my other fave kpop group Block B also released a new album. and i have sworn to buy that album should Universal Records Phils. decide to release it locally. that Blockbuster album + their 2 previous mini albums (new kids on the block + welcome to the block). yup, i'm dedicated because i love them to death.
and the reason why i wrote something today: ranting about work

long story short (sorry, i'm lazy because i kept on typing the same things to my ever lovable friends who are willing to listen ♥) i got pissed off so early in the morning due to office related stuff. bottom line, i didn't know the details because it wasn't my candidate. and the information could have been delivered more nicely.

and as a reflection, i realized how some people have this natural talent for making you hate or at least feel bad about yourself. like i need that when i'm already so self-critical. that right there is someone and something that doesn't help with my self-esteem. seriously sometimes i hate people, but only sometimes. i'd like to think that i can at least read off small bits of people's personalities that is why i can surround myself with people i like and trust. 

probably today (or this week is a better term) is just not for me.
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aoibutaaoibuta on November 14th, 2012 08:07 am (UTC)
*hugs manager*
micellemarkesmicellemarkes on November 16th, 2012 09:18 am (UTC)
thank you bouncer. ♥♥
*hugs back*